Decrease Input, Increase Output

March 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Being away from everyday hussle and bussle is relaxing. We all know that. But what I hadn’t realised, is that being away from the constant torrent of interesting information allows space for creativity and deep thinking. As much as a I love the 50 blog RSS feeds, 25 podcasts, news websites, status updates and tweets that I consume daily, I wasn’t aware that they were blocking me from creating content and actively forming my own thoughts.

I just returned from a week in Montenegro and Croatia – no internet, no computer, no blackberry; just a couple of books, my faux-hipster moleskin notebook and a lot of time. Within a couple of days, there were a string of partly-formed, valuable ideas that I wanted to get down on paper – which, I realised, had been buried in my mind for a long time. They just hadn’t been given time and space to be written down.

Reading Tim Ferris’ hit ‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ while on the isolated cafe terraces of towns like Budva (below) was definitely part of the inspiration. One of the big take-away lessons for me has been, decrease the input of information in my life to increase the output. Sounds counter-intuitive, and definitely easier to preach than to practice – but this blog is part of making myself put thoughts into words, and creating (hopefully somewhat useful) content.

And yes, here is a pretty picture from the trip.

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