Tell The Story Of How We Got In This Mess – Or You’ll Own It

September 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

This piece by Drew Westen in the HuffPo is the strongest analysis of the Obama Presidency and Democratic strategy I’ve read so far.

His book, ‘The Political Brain‘ has been on my bookshelf for the last two years – I have a sense it will be gravitating towards my bedside table imminently.

One choice quote below to illustrate the genius of his thoughts.

‘Capping it all off, the BP disaster occurs two weeks after the president has adopted the “drill here, drill now,” “all of the above” position of the Republican Party and the oil companies. This could have been the perfect opportunity to go on the offensive, contrast what Democrats stand for (common sense, protection of our safety, the land we leave our children, and key American industries and jobs, and sticking up for ordinary Americans against big businesses and their lobbyists) with what Republicans stand for; and connect the dots between what happened on Wall Street (with regulators owned and operated by the companies they were supposed to regulate) and what happened in the Gulf (where precisely the same thing happened). Instead, the administration finds itself on the defensive, increasingly sounding like a subsidiary of BP, allowing BP to call the shots and control information for weeks, defending increasingly hard-to-believe statistics, and issuing press releases that appear indistinguishable from those issued by BP but are inconsistent with assessments of independent scientists’

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