Andrew Wolf – A Fallen Hero

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

There are many people all around the globe who are trying to make the world a better place. One of them was Andrew Wolf.

Originally from Brooklyn, he now worked as a food educator, teaching at-risk youth about cooking and food in Washington D.C. He had joined the wonderful Otesha Project this summer to cycle across Canada to share sustainability skills through theatre and training workshops for young people in schools and youth clubs.

Last week, he was hit by a lorry as he cycled with the group. Two others were injured, and Andrew was killed.

Hanna Thomas, who works for The Otesha Project UK, wrote this.

I had never met Andrew, but I do know some things about him, as each person who signs up to an Otesha tour has these things in common: An incredible spirit. A thirst for adventure. A belief that the world can change for the better. A belief in themselves. Strong thighs, strong heart. A deep sense of morality. A smile. An inherent optimism and appreciation for people, beauty, nature, life. The ability to meet a stranger and soon enough, call them “family”. An open mind. A need to prioritise what’s important in life – people, experiences, contentment, our earth – over prestige or money.  A good sense of humour. An ability to laugh at themselves. Playfulness. A desire to connect with young people and pass on what they’ve learnt. A desire to stand up and be counted.

His family has created a fund in his name, to help others to take part in Otesha’s work. Friends and Otesha family members are sharing their stories of Andrew and paying tribute to the work he did, and the man he was.

Building a sustainable, equitable, better world for us all is going to take a fight. We must honour and remember those who we’ve lost on that journey.

Rest in peace Andrew.

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