Recognise This?

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

‘The room is adrift in flip-chart paper – clouds of lists, issues, schedules, plans, accountabilities crudely taped to the wall. They crack and rustle, fall loose, and, finally, are pulled off the walls, tightly rolled, and transported to some innocent secretary, who will litter the floor around her desk and peering down from her keyboard, will transcribe them and email them to us. They will appear on our desktops hours or days later, faint specters of commitments and plans, devoid of even the little energy and clarity that sent the original clouds – poof! – up onto the wall. They will drift onto our day planners, and onto individual to-do lists, lists already fogged with confusion and inertia. Whether they get done or not, they will not solve the problem.’ Margaret Wheatley.

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