This Will Inspire You

December 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

Download this.

Take ten minutes to read it. It’s wonderful.

Some choice paragraphs below – and the quotes that litter and illustrations throughout are beautiful.

It’s easy to feel paralysed by the complexities of the world, to feel like nothing you do will ever make a difference. Those in authority want us to feel that way, even though they tend to be the ones in the minority. But when we look back at history we see that every movement, every single shift in society began with a small group of friends having an idea that seemed impossible at the time.

Everything we take for granted: the weekend, gay rights, contraception, women wearing trousers, the right to strike, to form a union, to print an indepen- dent zine. Every thing was won by disobedience, by people breaking laws that they felt were unjust.

Nobody knows what a body can do. And civil disobedience is exactly that: misperforming the identity of civilian.

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