Link Loving 25.01.11

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • David Roberts explains that the US can’t beat China clean-tech ‘as long as the GOP are kissing fossil fuel ass’.
  • Don’t miss the fantastic ‘Happiness’ series on Our Kingdom.
  • Hanna Thomas discovers Ben Jones and Frederick Douglass in one go and is suitably bowled-over.
  • Mary Kaldor discusses ‘human security’ instead of ‘national security’, and reveals how we’re imprisoned by conventional military and economic assumptions.
  • William Davies elucidates the history of the thumb-on-fist-politician-maneuver.
  • Penelope Trunk is creating stronger routines, proves that kids yearn to care for animals, AND gives career advice. In one post.
  • Greener London wants more and better music at protests.
  • Peter Bregman writes what you should do with the last five minutes of your day.
  • Peter McColl explains how the Irish Greens got into this mess.
  • Natalya Sverjensky reveals the extent to Monsanto’s lies. It really is vile.

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