Link Loving 26.01.11

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Seth Godin hits the nail on the head again.
  • Milford Bateman on why micro-finance has not provided people with a way out of poverty. (It’s systemic/transformational change that’s needed people.)
  • Jules Evans points out that he’s had long dibs on the ‘gyms are the new churches’ thing. And includes a pretty poster.
  • Ze Frank discovers some more internet magic – a football crowd that turn into human pixels.
  • Very cute blog of movies someone can’t quite remember.
  • The Freakonomics blog reveals that men on caffeine is basically the worst decision-making process ever.
  • (I’m late to the party here) Neal Lawson sets out his vision for the Good Society.
  • Nicholas Carr identifies three technologies that challenged our brains – maps, clocks and the printing press. (So, can we please get used to the idea that we can change our paradigm?)
  • Do you want to buy Myspace? You can.
  • Sunny Hundal enjoys James Delingpole’s car-crash interview on Horizon. (I’d never realised how posh he is!)
  • Dan Hodges on the Movement For Change/Citizens UK announcement to train 10,000 Labour organisers, and why he thinks this might not be such a good idea.

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