Link Loving 28.01.11

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Michele Simon on why the Happy Meal is a crime – and not just a culinary one.
  • NY Times debates whether college makes you smarter. I’m guessing yes. But maybe that proves me wrong?
  • Atif Imtiaz wants to talk. And read Wordsworth.
  • Gerry Hassan asks if it’s time to stop pretending Parliament has any power?
  • Mariano Aguirre argues that 2011 is the year we transition towards a new global order. (Short version: power is moving from east to west and from unipolar to multipolar. But you already knew that.)
  • Access Now launches new campaign on freedom on online speech. And has pretty interactive maps.
  • Andrew Neil reveals the true state of British meritocracy.
  • David Lammy on his legal hero – Sir Sydney Kentridge.
  • Reuters reports that the UN is to ramp up climate change talks in 2011.

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