Link Loving 31.01.11

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • The Economist notices something nobody else seems to have noticed.
  • Alex Wood says it’s time to take Marx beyond Marxism.
  • Guy Shrubsole applies the lessons from Common Cause to a new report on Tradable Energy Quotas.
  • This story just won’t die, will it Big Oil?
  • Duncan Green is not impressed by the treasury’s plans for food and farming.
  • Niki Seth-Smith is a big fan of Spinwatch’s short film on what’s being planned for the NHS. Me too.
  • Paul Krugman does something we don’t often see.
  • Rob Safar helps you think through your next protest. And has a great story from Norfolk.
  • Erik Assadourian identifies the first five Millennium Consumption Goals. I like number 4 especially.
  • Colum Lynch announces the Madeleine Awards, awarded for the best use of a fashion accessory as a political statement for a politician. (After Madeleine Albright’s famed use of wasps, snakes and golden angels.)

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