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  • A wonderful edition of Desert Island Discs with one of my favourite people Celia Imrie.
  • Law schools are beginning to recognise the role of legal structures in achieving sustainability – John Dernbach looks at how.
  • Trewin Restorick talks young people, sustainability, and business.
  • Nice new report by anti-fascist heroes Searchlight and Nick Lowles, looking at English national identity. Key points;

“It concludes that there is not a progressive majority in society and it reveals that there is a deep resentment to immigration, as well as scepticism towards multiculturalism. There is a widespread fear of the ‘Other’, particularly Muslims, and there is an appetite for a new right-wing political party that has none of the fascist trappings of the British National Party or the violence of the English Defence League. With a clear correlation between economic pessimism and negative views to immigration, the situation is likely to get worse over the next few years.”

  • Liam Barrington-Bush with a fantastic piece reflecting on the Black Panther movement and what their story means for David Cameron’s Big Society, and for the left’s response to the cuts.
  • starts to take on the US Chamber of Commerce. This might get messy.
  • Great workshop being run by good people at FairPensions, UK Tar Sands Network, Amnesty, PCS, Unison, Citizens UK etc on How To Become A Shareholder Activist.
  • Organizing For America is looking for young people to lead a summer of organizing. Applications here.

Fight Back

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Each movement has it’s music, it’s slogans – and also it’s writers.

The new collection ‘Fight Back’ (free to download here) is one for the winter of 2010-11, and the various student protests, anti-cuts direct actions and university occupations that have brought new energy to protest in the UK.

Some pieces you’ll have read already, and some unlikelier ones too. Great stuff.

Feckin’ Cheap Flights

February 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

“Cheap flights, cheap flights – we should have gone by sea!

There’s no such fecking thing as a fecking flight for 50p.”

Didn’t expect that, did you?

Link Loving 27.02.11

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  • Maureen West on how nonprofits can use social media to spark change.
  • Yasmin Khan shows how it’s done on 10 O’Clock Live on Thursday (from 14.30).
  • Waterlife: the interactive story of our remaining sources of fresh water. Powerful stuff.
  • The Onion at it’s best. Obama Denies Accusations He Does Not Love His Dog.
  • A photographic documentation of climate change impacts around the world. Nice idea, hideous design.
  • Pat Garofalo reports on the oil company statements that they’ll now start donating money directly to political candidates. Good times.
  • Guy Chazan on how the UK will hear a legal case brought by campaigners against offshore oil drilling.
  • Sustainable city transport – ‘Streetfilms‘ – a nice documentation project. (h/t @noelito)
  • A brief history of the abolitionist legislation of 1807. Total Politics.
  • There may be fewer marriages, but then there are also a smaller number of divorces. The Economist investigates.

We Who Believe In Freedom

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Is This A Coming Storm?

February 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

Am I the only person thinking that Guido Fawkes is slowly becoming a campaigning site?

When I read this piece by Tim Montgomerie back in December bemoaning the Right’s lack of an organisation with the campaigning ability of 38 Degrees, I smiled. Not often do we get a head start like that.

But times have changed. Guido is now challenging the Guardian on tax evasion, and slowly moving towards getting his readers to take specific campaign actions. Wouldn’t take much to turn his mailing list into somewhat of a machine.

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