Link Loving 12.02.11

February 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

  • Lawrence Haddad on why development needs to reimagine the future.
  • My old Arctic buddy Ben Wessel wants to keep the National Mall as the host for the Solar Decathlon. (That’s a real event, I promise.)
  • Owen Jones has some remarkably insightful ideas on how the left needs to change it’s language. Let’s start by never, ever again saying oil companies are ‘exploring’ for oil. They are depleting/extracting/emptying.
  • George Monbiot with another corporate coup d’├ętat.
  • Paul Krugman likes Slow Food. Who doesn’t?
  • Matthew Herbert has some useful – practical – experiences on implementing values-led campaigning.
  • Who pays for peacekeeping? Seems we’re doing better than you might think, and Canada – less so.
  • David Bosco on the differences between Washington D.C. and Paris on the G20.
  • A reality check on youth unemployment from the Guardian video team. What is the solution to helping young men like this into productive work?
  • Dean Baker looks at how Reagan’s administration framed the left as being pro-State, and the right as pro-Markets. Naturally, it ain’t necessarily so.

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