Teaching The Democrats How To Fight

February 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

This is a fantastic interview on AltNet with the two founders of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Very much worth reading if you work in online organising, progressive politics or follow the US political scene.

It looks at the new strategy PCCC is using – combining online action, fundraising for candidates, field operations and insider lobbying, some of the battles it’s had with the Democratic Party – notably healthcare, and has a big lesson on advocacy – ask politicians to follow, not to lead.

Article here.

§ One Response to Teaching The Democrats How To Fight

  • I agree,

    to quote Cradle to Cradle. ‘Business needs to move from eco-efficiency to eco-effectiveness’. It’s not good enough to continue doing a destructive thing but slightly less bad per unit production/watt/ton. All it does is damage slightly more slowly. Products (like Ray’s carpet business) need to be re-invented so that they are net zero impact or in fact are positive.

    The reality is though, the sustainability paradigm does mean that some companies quite frankly need to shut up shop full stop. That’s always going to be a hard sell…

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