Link Loving 24.02.11

February 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • This stuff keeps me up at night – thawing of the world’s permafrost.
  • Best break-up ever. Man puts wife on terrorist suspect list. Reuters.
  • We all work at Enron now, says Umair Haque. A fantastic indictment of the failing corporate system. (Yes, I’m going to link to him until you add his blog to your RSS feed.)
  • F1 Racing. In a boat. Crazy.
  • Canadian civil servants speed-date each other to understand what everyone does. Genius. Alex Evans.
  • I thought humans were still evolving? Apparently not much, says Michio Kaku.
  • David Roberts has a reality check on how much and how fast we need to build our clean energy system. Mostly my reaction: holy shitballs.
  • Imagine writing the year 2011 as 02011. Changes how you think about life doesn’t it? Long Now.
  • Sophie Arie on how women in Italy are organising against Silvio Berlusconi.
  • My good friend Amanda McKenzie, hands over leadership of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition to focus more on her writing.

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