Is This A Coming Storm?

February 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

Am I the only person thinking that Guido Fawkes is slowly becoming a campaigning site?

When I read this piece by Tim Montgomerie back in December bemoaning the Right’s lack of an organisation with the campaigning ability of 38 Degrees, I smiled. Not often do we get a head start like that.

But times have changed. Guido is now challenging the Guardian on tax evasion, and slowly moving towards getting his readers to take specific campaign actions. Wouldn’t take much to turn his mailing list into somewhat of a machine.

§ 3 Responses to Is This A Coming Storm?

  • tombaker says:

    Interesting, but that would require the readers of Guido Fawkes to be able to unite behind the campaigns they’d run. Looking at the comments I’m not sure they have the high level of consensus they’d need.

    38 degrees has worked hard to build a feeling of being part of a movement, and I don’t think that exists on Guido.

  • Darren says:

    I’ve been thinking the same. Initially thought Paul could be doing something similar to Private Eye who’ve been all over the GMG story for a while. Then got the (a href=””>’Guidogram’ with a call to action targeting Alan Rusbridger via Twitter.

  • cterkuile says:

    @Tom – There’s definitely a large number of readers who are not of his political persuasion, but definitely enough angry people to make it a potential force..

    Re building a feeling of ‘we’ – don’t forget the MPs expenses – that was the real breakthrough moment for the blog, and it definitely articulated what people were feeling at the time. The ‘comments’ in red on each blog represents that potential ‘we’ voice.

    @Darran – will be interesting to see who he brings in next after Harry Cole/ToryBear – if it’s someone from Tax Payer’s Alliance etc, then we need to move fast!

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