Link Loving 06.03.11

March 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Tom Baker discovers where War on Want came from. A wonderful story.
  • A manifesto for women facing an all-boys-club workplace. Fantastic. (via the ever-wonderful @hannathomas)
  • This project wants 10 young people to go into the jungle for five months and help save orangutans and replant forest. The voice-over man sounds terrifying.
  • Natalya Sverjensky finds a truly remarkable headline.
  • Lesbians That Look Like Justin Bieber.
  • The language in this Financial Times article belongs to 1910 not 2010. Scramble for Africa relived.
  • Nicholas Milton reports from the first debates George Monbiot is having with the public up and down the country.
  • Awesome rap from Wisconsin that frames that dispute very nicely.
  • Fredrik Stanton on what negotiation lessons can we learn from the Congress of Vienna, 1815. I knew my history degree would come in useful one day.

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