Link Loving 12.03.11

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • After the massive success for indigenous rights and environmental protection stopping a massive dam in Brazil, is Ethiopia next? Peter Moszynski.
  • John Tierney on how some economists say it’s possible that improved energy efficiency can paradoxically lead to more greenhouse emissions.
  • Kellog’s CSR – upload a picture of your breakfast, and they’ll donate a breakfast to a child who might go without.
  • Devinder Sharma questions whether India’s GDP growth rate is as good as some economists are saying.
  • Meet the three generations of feminists who launched a revolution of their own in the middle of Tahrir Square.
  • If you’re at university next year, you should apply to this Tar Sands youth exchange.
  • The full Paxman/Chomsky interview.
  • Very large companies pay lower rates of corporation tax than smaller businesses, according to research by Oxford University. Financial Times.
  • Great Economist interview with Lucy Walker on her new documentary about art/waste/Brazil.

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