Sell Or Not – Channel 4 Takes The Bait

March 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

I may or may not have recently bought the book ‘Winning Arguments‘. It profiles the rhetorical tools to use to undermine opposing positions, an example of which we have here.

Sell Or Not’, an online game on the Channel 4 website to accompany the Dispatches programme broadcast on Monday, gives players various options of what they’d want to cut. It asks whether you’d rather cut Gibralter or the Armed Forces? A uranium mine or the Bank of England sports center? NHS or the Royal Mint?

It totally accepts the premise that cuts are necessary, and opens up the idea of auctioning off entirely novel national assets, not as yet discussed in the public domain.

This is highly political stuff. Has Channel 4 taken the narrative put out by Conservative spin doctors as fact, or is there someone at Channel 4 who is quite keen on destroying public services and the British state?

§ 2 Responses to Sell Or Not – Channel 4 Takes The Bait

  • S says:

    Has this been up for a while? I remember thinking the same when I saw it, but as always you’re far more eloquent than I ^_^

  • Tim Hardy says:

    That’s appalling. C4 used to be a progressive channel.

    Earlier today I learned that the BBC are running a show where children are trained to be riot cops including how to “verbally dominate” a crowd and “kettle rioters”.

    No wonder people give up on the mainstream media – but the question then becomes how do we promote the alternative media to those who still get their world view shaped by this kind of terrible material?

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