Tell Us What You’re For

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

This piece by George Monbiot is a gem. In it he suggests some practical policies that those coming to the big March for the Alternative on March 26th might like to get behind.

This paragraph stood out for me particularly –

We need to redress the balance between cuts and tax rises (currently 3:1), as fairly as possible. That means starting with the UK’s most regressive form of taxation: national insurance. This levy is so unfair that it’s hard to understand why it hasn’t received more attention. On earnings of up to £844 a week, you currently pay 11% national insurance. On earnings beyond that point, you pay 1%. We should raise the national insurance rate for higher earnings from 1% to 15%. This would help to address a wider injustice: the poorest 10% of UK households pay proportionately more tax (direct and indirect) than the richest 10%.

A campaign on national insurance contributions? Talk about popular! Taking on the Treasury? Talk about strategic…

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