Link Loving 17.03.11

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • How to be an activist while working for the UN. *Awkward*
  • You can now download one of my favourite books from last year, Handmade by Tessy Britton. It profiles amazing social change/innovation projects around the US and UK.
  • Erik Assadourian is less than impressed with the revised ‘green guidelines’ for consumer products Stateside.
  • Tom Baker considers how foreign campaigners can influence Chinese policy.
  • New eco-hunk Matt Walters says goodbye to his car and goes fossil-fuel free.
  • Josh Ryan-Collins sees encouraging grassroots developments in the movement to revolutionise our approach to money.
  • Lydia Prieg on how the government is letting mega-banks off the hook again.
  • A return on lobbying investment? How about 22,000%?
  • Umair Haque wonders whether the recent phenomenon of Charlie Sheen isn’t exactly the right metaphor for modern capitalism?

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