Link Loving 25.03.11

March 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Building sustainable supply chains. Boring, but important. Gabrielle Blue.
  • Are you on an email list? Want to know who is sharing your data? Ethan Roeder.
  • What is beauty? A plastic surgeon’s perspective. Robert Tornambe.
  • Republican angst about 2012 is growing. The crop of candidates is less than ideal. Jon Ward.
  • This is how the French flashmob.
  • Don’t let a for-profit company monopolise knowledge – we want a public digital library – not Google. Robert Darnton.
  • How to run the world – charting a course to the next Renaissance. Parag Khanna.
  • Conspicuous Web consumption. Yes, it’s here. Dominic Masulto.
  • Photos of dolls with a difference. Mariel Clayton.
  • A European Youth meeting in July on Sustainable Development.
  • Ethiopia – foreign investors are pouring in to exploit land the government has cleared of people. John Vidal.

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