Eight Questions And Ten Recommendations

March 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Alex Evans has a new report for Action Aid on the futures for development – but it’s really a look forward for global politics, economics and society. This blog post sets out the eight questions the report raises, and the 10 recommendations it puts forward.

It’s the kind of thing you wish you could write yourself – absolutely brilliant. A taster of the headlines, but read the full thing here.

Eight critical uncertainties for development in 2020

  1. What is the global balance of power in 2020?
  2. Will job creation keep pace with demographic change to 2020?
  3. Is there serious global monetary reform by 2020?
  4. Who will benefit from the projected ‘avalanche of technology’ by 2020?
  5. Will the world face up to the equity questions that come with a world of limits by 2020?
  6. Is global trade in decline by 2020?
  7. How has the nature of political influence changed by 2020?
  8. What will the major global shocks be between now and 2020?

Ten recommendations for the next ten years

  1. Be ready (because shocks will be the key drivers of change)
  2. Talk about resilience (because the poor are in the firing line)
  3. Put your members in charge (because they can bypass you)
  4. Talk about fair shares (because limits change everything)
  5. Specialise in coalitions (and not just of civil society organisations)
  6. Take on the emerging economies (including from within)
  7. Brings news from elsewhere (because innovation will come from the edges)
  8. Expect failure (and look for the silver lining)
  9. Work for poor people, not poor countries (as most of the former are outside the latter)
  10. Be a storyteller (because stories create worldviews)

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