Link Loving 05.05.11

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • A backlash against Chinese economic activity in Africa? Duncan Green.
  • After the demise of the SDC, is it time for a People’s Green Watchdog? Solitaire Townsend.
  • Ann Pettifor’s blog gets a make over – but keeps it’s name, Debtonation.
  • Rotterdam has been a building site for over a decade. Now it’s ‘new heart’ will contain…shops and casinos. Wonderful insight from John Thackara.
  • The future for the Canadian Greens following the election of Elizabeth May. Felix von Geyer.
  • What was Nick Griffin doing at a conference on peak oil? Alex Evans.
  • Libya: time for an Islamic Peacekeeping Force? Richard Gowan.
  • Laurie Bennett on Chandran Nair’s RSA talk – the future’s… not bright.
  • Talking to people about sustainability can be like talking to people when they’re really drunk. Ed Gillespie.

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