Red Tape

May 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

Hey David Cameron,

You say: “red tape”,

I say: protection of gender equality, workers rights, health standards and child safety.

Making laws that work for society? Yes. A wholesale attack on anything that gets in the way of a fast buck? No thanks.

I can only encourage you to share your thoughts with DCam’s team.

§ 2 Responses to Red Tape

  • Tom says:

    Don’t forget also that the government’s ‘Red Tape Challenge’ includes all legislation on environment and sustainable development.

    It’s very uplifting to see that the vast majority of the 799 comments on this section are infuriated at this classification of environmental legislation as ‘red tape’ and how many call for it to be strengthened.

    It’s a shame that such deregulation bullshit can still be dished out, especially after the financial crisis, to which massive deregulation was a huge factor. If you haven’t seen ‘Inside Job’, the Oscar-winning documentary on the financial crisis, I’d strongly recommend it to you, Casper (and to anyone else). You will be shocked and appalled.

    • cterkuile says:

      You bet – after working on the Robin Hood Tax campaign, I share your sentiments! There’s something like 12.5 financial system lobbyists for every MP in Parliament. Talk about vestiges of power.

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