Link Loving 17.05.11

May 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Is crime the Tory’s weak spot? The Economist.
  • Ann Pettifor has a memo for Guido Fawkes. Smackdown.
  • Pat Kane argues that the ‘I’m-happy-I’m-green’ consensus won’t placate our lust for novelty.
  • Trials never happen because politicians are too scared of hard data on their good intentions. Ben Goldacre.
  • What your literary tote says about you.
  • I Hear My Mother Calling: A new documentary on women and population. Lisa Hymas.
  • Why have successive governments been waging war on one of the world’s best health systems? George Monbiot.
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Scottish Independence and Britain. Gerry Hassan.
  • Breaking the silence of civil society – why so little noise? Anna Coote.
  • Tom Baker does some FOI number digging on the impact of campaigns. First up – DEFRA.
  • The wrong reason for gay marriage – it shouldn’t be about economics. Jay Cee Whitehead.
  • Activists rebrand the David Koch theatre. Awesome action. Eric Stoner.

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