Link Loving 10.06.11

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Changing the world begins with making the right connections. Welcome to Network Roulette.
  • India’s economic success is a lie – and built on taking land from the poor. Arundhati Roy.
  • Apply this blog post to social movements and it is highly compelling. Seth Godin.
  • How to ‘do’ visioning. Matthew Herbert.
  • What’s it like to be an apprentice? Laura Smith.
  • The city of Grand Rapids has broken the world’s record for longest continuous shot lip-synching video. More importantly, they did the whole project as a community as a response to a Newsweek article that listed Grand Rapids as a “dying city.” Shut up, Newsweek. Keep being awesome, Grand Rapids.
  • God is not a Christian says Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
  • How Walmart became a catalyst for change. Daniel Honan.
  • How to get Washington’s attention. Robert Reich.

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