The Story Of The Dragon Hunter

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

“A so-called dragon hunter went to the mountains to trap a dragon. He searched the mountains and finally discovered the frozen body of a great dragon in a cave high up on one of the tallest peaks. The man brought the body to the city. He claimed he slew the dragon single-handed and exhibited it on the bank of the river. Hundreds of people came to see the dragon. The warmth of the city sun gradually warmed the dragon’s body, and began to sit, coming slowly out of its winter sleep. The people screamed and stampeded, and many were killed. The dragon hunter froze in fear, and the dragon ate him in a single gulp.

Your lower self is that dragon, a savage, bloody tyrant. It is not dead, merely frozen. Keep your dragon in the snow of self-discipline. Do not transport it to the sunshine of the city, Let that dragon of yours remain dormant. Should it be released, it will devour you.”


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