Avaaz Is Hiring. Big Time.

July 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

My old colleagues and friends at Avaaz are stepping it up!

  1. English language Global Campaign Director – outstanding strategist, writer, manager, campaigner with native fluency in English. Email emma@avaaz.org
  2. Portuguese language Global Campaign Director – native fluency in Portuguese, deep knowledge of Brazil. A global position but ideally based in Brazil. Email emma@avaaz.org
  3. Global Campaign Director (India) – a globalist change-maker with deep knowledge of India, but can be based anywhere. Email emma@avaaz.org
  4. Campaign Director (Editorial) – will help us transform our website into a one-stop destination for fantastic news, insight and analysis as well as action on global issues. Email emma@avaaz.org
  5. Project Manager for distributed organizing – will help us innovate in our model of organizing to build a platform that allows any member to start a campaign and organize people. Email matt@avaaz.org
  6. Global Campaigner with native fluency in Arabic. Email stephanie@avaaz.org
  7. Global Campaigner with native fluency in Japanese. Email iain@avaaz.org
  8. Global Campaigner with deep knowledge of Canada. Email emma@avaaz.org
  9. EU Media Campaigner – experienced in media and based in the EU. Email emma@avaaz.org
  10. MENA Project Manager – lead our incredible 12-person team currently breaking blackouts and supporting democratic activism across the Middle East. Email Stephanie@avaaz.org
  11. MENA organizer – arabic speakers with experience of MENA countries to support democratic movements. Email Stephanie@avaaz.org
  12. Murdoch Project Manager – lead our effort to organize elites, investigate Murdoch across the world, and mobilize people behind deep media reform. Email alice@avaaz.org
  13. Murdoch Investigator – seeking skilled investigators to look deeply into the Murdoch empire across the world. Email alice@avaaz.org
  14. Murdoch Organizer – support the project director in efforts to develop campaigns and elite-organizing around media reform. Email alice@avaaz.org
  15. Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel – either half time focused on our legal needs or full time doubled up with a Campaigning role. Email heather@avaaz.org
  16. Analytics consultant – have fun crunching trillions of records for insights into how we serve people better. Email matt@avaaz.org
  17. Deliverability coordinator – help make sure our emails get delivered by being on the phone with ISPs Email matt@avaaz.org
  18. Developer – join our tech wizard team to build great new tools for change. Email milena@avaaz.org
  19. Security Consultant – we’ve got a growing list of bad guys unhappy with us – help protect our security – from our members’ data to our staff. Email stephanie@avaaz.org and matt@avaaz.org
  20. Assistant – based in EU time zone – support our team’s logistical and administrative needs in Europe. email heather@avaaz.org

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