Link Loving 27.07.11

July 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • How sexist abuse is stopping women from running for political office. Anna Rose shares a nasty experience and suggest some solutions.
  • Famous opening lines from novels updated for the modern age. Sean Ryan.
  • Green expectations: Lessons from the US green jobs market. Hanna Thomas and Clare McNeil.
  • As Britain’s great divide gets bigger, the North needs its voice to be heard. Ed Cox.
  • Where are the bodies buried? Intergenerational equity and waste. Angus Hanton.
  • Berries, goodbyes and career advice. If you’re not yet reading Penelope Trunk – do it.
  • Eat what you kill. James Altucher.
  • The power of song, from Selma to Syria. Mary Elizabeth King.

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