Tim DeChristopher’s Closing Statement

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If you don’t know Tim’s story, read it here.

“I’m not saying any of this to ask you for mercy, but to ask you to join me.

If you side with Mr Huber and believe that your role is to discourage citizens from holding their government accountable, then you should follow his recommendations and lock me away.  I certainly don’t want that.  I have no desire to go to prison, and any assertion that I want to be even a temporary martyr is false.

I want you to join me in standing up for the right and responsibility of citizens to challenge their government.  I want you to join me in valuing this country’s rich history of nonviolent civil disobedience.  If you share those values but think my tactics are mistaken, you have the power to redirect them.

You can sentence me to a wide range of community service efforts that would point my commitment to a healthy and just world down a different path.  You can have me work with troubled teens, as I spent most of my career doing.  You can have me help disadvantaged communities or even just pull weeds for the BLM.

You can steer that commitment if you agree with it, but you can’t kill it.  This is not going away.  At this point of unimaginable threats on the horizon, this is what hope looks like.  In these times of a morally bankrupt government that has sold out its principles, this is what patriotism looks like.

With countless lives on the line, this is what love looks like, and it will only grow.

The choice you are making today is what side are you on.

Alain De Botton On Pessimism

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Avaaz Is Hiring. Big Time.

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My old colleagues and friends at Avaaz are stepping it up!

  1. English language Global Campaign Director – outstanding strategist, writer, manager, campaigner with native fluency in English. Email emma@avaaz.org
  2. Portuguese language Global Campaign Director – native fluency in Portuguese, deep knowledge of Brazil. A global position but ideally based in Brazil. Email emma@avaaz.org
  3. Global Campaign Director (India) – a globalist change-maker with deep knowledge of India, but can be based anywhere. Email emma@avaaz.org
  4. Campaign Director (Editorial) – will help us transform our website into a one-stop destination for fantastic news, insight and analysis as well as action on global issues. Email emma@avaaz.org
  5. Project Manager for distributed organizing – will help us innovate in our model of organizing to build a platform that allows any member to start a campaign and organize people. Email matt@avaaz.org
  6. Global Campaigner with native fluency in Arabic. Email stephanie@avaaz.org
  7. Global Campaigner with native fluency in Japanese. Email iain@avaaz.org
  8. Global Campaigner with deep knowledge of Canada. Email emma@avaaz.org
  9. EU Media Campaigner – experienced in media and based in the EU. Email emma@avaaz.org
  10. MENA Project Manager – lead our incredible 12-person team currently breaking blackouts and supporting democratic activism across the Middle East. Email Stephanie@avaaz.org
  11. MENA organizer – arabic speakers with experience of MENA countries to support democratic movements. Email Stephanie@avaaz.org
  12. Murdoch Project Manager – lead our effort to organize elites, investigate Murdoch across the world, and mobilize people behind deep media reform. Email alice@avaaz.org
  13. Murdoch Investigator – seeking skilled investigators to look deeply into the Murdoch empire across the world. Email alice@avaaz.org
  14. Murdoch Organizer – support the project director in efforts to develop campaigns and elite-organizing around media reform. Email alice@avaaz.org
  15. Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel – either half time focused on our legal needs or full time doubled up with a Campaigning role. Email heather@avaaz.org
  16. Analytics consultant – have fun crunching trillions of records for insights into how we serve people better. Email matt@avaaz.org
  17. Deliverability coordinator – help make sure our emails get delivered by being on the phone with ISPs Email matt@avaaz.org
  18. Developer – join our tech wizard team to build great new tools for change. Email milena@avaaz.org
  19. Security Consultant – we’ve got a growing list of bad guys unhappy with us – help protect our security – from our members’ data to our staff. Email stephanie@avaaz.org and matt@avaaz.org
  20. Assistant – based in EU time zone – support our team’s logistical and administrative needs in Europe. email heather@avaaz.org

Link Loving 26.07.11

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A Life Of Purpose

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Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life, reflects on his own crisis of purpose after it become the best-selling book for three years running. His big question, ‘What is in your hand?‘ is a really good one. As movement-builders, we have a lot to learn from him.

  • ‘These are not religious issues – these are human issues.’
  • ‘Every time I give, it breaks the grip of materialism on my life.’
  • ‘The purpose of influence is to speak up for those who have no influence’

Link Loving 25.07.11

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  • Want to become a non-exec director of the Equality Trust?
  • The principle of impartiality does not compel the BBC to give attention to groups which make claims that are contrary to scientific consensus on climate change. BBC Trust.
  • Rebuild The Dream. A new contract for America?
  • Talking to people not consumers. Jon Alexander.
  • Is high speed rail the next government disaster? The Economist.
  • Can we really look at, understand and protect people and forests just through these financial mechanisms? David Attenborough.
  • How to be good at networking. (Good, not douchy list.) Robin Brattel.
  • The fungibility of Rebekah Brooks. Adam Ramsay.
  • Ten ways to redesign sustainability design competitions. John Thackara.

Singing For Your Supper

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Modern-day troubadoures. Wonderful.

Stories Of Co-Production

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Great video from the New Economics Foundation.

Link Loving 24.07.11

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  • You might think this article is about pigs – it isn’t. It is about community, raising children, and how to build a better world. Penelope Trunk.
  • In the US and Australia anti-immigrant sentiment finds its own routes into the mainstream. K Biswas.
  • What are the most expensive keywords for GoogleAds? Tyler Cowen.
  • Small businesses are shunning the big banks. David Boyle.
  • Evaluating advocacy – craft or science? Tom Baker.
  • Want to avoid another Murdoch? Go to this.
  • Van Jones in a great interview (where he advocates a Robin Hood Tax).
  • Learning without frontiers. David Puttnam.


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Turns out the story ain’t as simple as we’re led to think it is.

Parts 5 and 6 are here – not on YouTube.

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