Poetic Justice – Young Deacon

August 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I can’t justify the burning
Of buildings and businesses
That sort of attitude there
Is inexcusable
But what niggles on my mind
As I’m looking and the cinders is
This what the future holds?

We’re branded alot
As rioters, looters
Murderers, yobs
Knifers, shooters
Depicted as the worst
On your news and computers
But like it or not
The youth are the future
So it’s all well and good
What you’re saying
Sitting in the comfort of your chair
And complaining
Stretching your index
And passing the blame and
You’re doing a good job
If that’s the part that you’re playing
Everybody’s fast to judge
But who you judging?
No one wants to take
Responsibility of nothing
But let’s be real
Where’s the ones that raised us
It’s the same ones individuals
That wanna hate us
We follow your example
So let me break it down
We ask why were at war
You show us how to raid a town
We ask the police
Why crime rates aren’t at the minimal
They turn around a cuff us
Telling us that were the criminals
The system is —-
So who do we look up to
It’s a youth club
That a youth should run to
But when the government cuts
The government funds
And increases police power
Why don’t they just shoot us?
‘Cause if I’m honest
We’re the real victims
born and bought up
In a messed up system
Got a nerve if you’re asking
Why we aint got jobs
When this whole empire
Is built on what we robbed
Just look at the crown jewels
You think that they were ever in our soil?
You think we’d still be in Iraq
If there was never oil?
You’re focused on a issue
But you don’t know what the issue is
We were raised
By a generation of hypocrites
When you’re rolling in the mud
And you look up in the mirror
Can you blame your reflection?
Or do you see it clearer?
So please don’t give up
And please don’t fear us
The futures on my mind
You could call it new era
Don’t give up on the kids
They’re in need of support
Better role models
Not leaders at war
It takes a whole community
To raise a single child
So please think twice
Before you blame him ‘cause he’s wild
If only he had that
Little bit of guidance
Maybe he wouldn’t be
Running from the sirens
Maybe he wouldn’t be
Adding to the violence
And maybe he wouldn’t be
Out in the riots
Were crying to be heard
And we’ve finally got a voice
But then again the media
Will always be biased
So don’t feed on their lies
And see the bigger picture
We all need to unite
And build a better future

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