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“Changing the top if you don’t have the grassroots is almost impossible.”

Global Nonviolent Action Database Launched

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Search the database here.

Tottenham Speaks

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This is a fantastic short documentary. Watch it.

The End Of Polio

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What I love about this video:

  • We are taken on a journey with Piper – her discoveries are ours too. When she realises that the missing piece is her own campaigning, we realise that too.
  • A track record of success – we have made progress, there are visible signs of it – we can do it again.
  • Although we learn about key figures, there is constantly a place for ‘normal people like me’ – in the fundraising, the active supporting of the work.

Ultimately, this video is a clear story, with all the twists and turns a good story needs. Great work!

Make Loans, Not War

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Bump it up to full screen for best viewing.

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