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  • Bill McKibben hits the road and travels through America’s heartland. The man just doesn’t stop.
  • Russia’s silent election campaign. Grigorii Golosov.
  • Thoughts on the student movement. Liam McNulty.
  • Looks like we’ll be having political ads on our mobiles. Emily Schultheis.
  • An interview with the psychologist and linguist, Steven Pinker on violence, language and Twitter.
  • Did the suburbs eat my community? John Mulrow.
  • And speaking of suburbs – check out the trailer for this disturbing documentary –


What Happens At The Climate Conference Of Youth?

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This does.

Good to see so many friendly faces old and new – and a special shout out to everyone in Durban from the UK Youth Climate Coalition!

Link Loving 29.11.11

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Tomorrow’s Strike

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A quick message about tomorrow’s strike.

There is widespread support from the public, but the media will be hostile.

It is vital that the national conversation is kept in support of the 99%. You are all influencers – so can mention the strikes in casual conversation tomorrow. Ask someone their opinion, and then whip out one of these stats to argue your support. (I’ve just tried it at a Holloway printing shop with good results!)

If you have energy/time to do more –

  • Print off 5 copies of the pamphlet below put together by my friends Gavin, Juliette and I and distribute tomorrow.
  • Drop by a picket line and say hello. Baked goods are always welcome.

Trade Unions are part of the backbone of our movement. We need to support them, and the working people they represent.

PS. I’ll be at Holborn tube station tomorrow morning at 7.30am with flyers to hand out. If you fancy joining – would be great to see you.

This Is The Real Story

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Classic work from down under – ‘Australian Mining: This Is The Real Story‘. Talk about setting the narrative and using humour.

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Success! Fair Fares Now Win Campaign

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Fantastic news from the Fairer Fares Now campaign – tomorrow, the Chancellor will announce that the Government is scrapping its plans to raise the cap on rail fares.

I was lucky enough to work with the Campaign for Better Transport team this summer on the campaign, and got to work with grassroots activists and groups around the country. Some reflections on why this campaign was successful –

  • distributed power – clear request of what grassroots should achieve, but allowing for local context specific/organisational culture ways of doing things
  • effective coalition – Friends of the Earth, TUC, UKYCC, Transport for All, and a whole host of organisations – good info flow, collaborating, reaching out to own grassroots
  • strategic placement of resources – focusing on mobilising supporters in key seats

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