What I’m Working On For The Next Nine Months

November 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve just returned from three adventurous months singing my way around Europe, and wanted to share some exciting news about what I’m working on now that I’m back in London.

To build a world that is fair and where life can flourish, we know that we need a much more powerful and connected movement of citizens to challenge corruption and greed. More and more people want to work together across individual issues, while many more of us realise that we’ll need to go beyond signing petitions and donating money to challenge today’s power structures.

For the next nine months, I’ll be working with WWF and Oxfam on the ‘Common Cause‘ project – which last year released an influential report examining how values and frames influence campaigns. I’ll be working with campaigners all around the country asking the question – ‘what does campaigning look like if we base it on values like equality, independent thought and kindness?’ How will that change the way we communicate with organisational supporters? Would it change the way charities try to pressure government and businesses? I’ll be collecting case studies, sharing stories, and leading an ‘action-learning’ process in which 20 campaigners will try out new ways of working with their members.

I’m hoping to speak to as many organisations and individuals as possible – do you have any thoughts to share? Do you know any charities and NGOs that would be willing to talk to me? I’d be immensely grateful for any tips you can give.

For the very keen – there’s also a training in February to learn more about how to use values and frames in their campaigning.

Thank you,


Singing for a volunteer-run community radio station in Hildesheim, Germany

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  • Hi Casper – Anna told me about this – sounds GREAT. I’d be happy to talk to you about the work I’ve done recently involving values and my understanding of the role of values in robust and sustainable individual and organisational change.

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