Moment Of Clarity

December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

This taken from ‘Virtuous Circles: Values, Systems and Sustainability‘. 

“There are two basic reasons underlying the food, energy, water and climatic crises:

1. The systems that have evolved to supply us with our basic needs are totally dependent on fossil fuels; the inevitable consequence of this is large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as solid waste and water and air pollution. It is especially unsustainable given that the era of cheap energy, crude oil and natural gas in particular, is about to end

2. Our current way of providing basic needs – be they food, water, waste management or energy – involves industrialised systems that are linear, centralised and globalised. In the linear approach, it is assumed that at one end of a system there is an unlimited supply of energy and raw materials (which there isn’t), while at the other the environment has an infinite capacity to absorb pollution and waste (which it hasn’t). The inevitable result is resource shortages on the one hand and solid waste, climate change and air pollution problems on the other.”

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