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Clicktivism No Longer

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SumOfUs is one of a recent batch of online mobilisation organisations – this one focuses on uniting consumers, workers and shareholders to hold corporations to account. Their most recent campaign is against the abysmal standards that workers in Chinese factories have to endure while our shiny iProducts are made.

By now we all recognise a campaign email – reader-focused theory of change + opportunity/crisis + call to action etc. But today SumOfUs sent out a completely different email – read it below. I’m seriously impressed.


This email is not a normal email. This email is not going to ask you to do anything. It’s long. It talks about big-picture strategy, not just today’s latest corporate tactic.

The conventional wisdom in online activism is that we shouldn’t send emails like this.

But the fight to improve the treatment of workers in Apple’s supply chain is going to be a long, hard one – and it’s going to be fought on the shifting sands of PR spin, against one of the most sophisticated corporate media apparatuses in history.

So we think it’s important for the entire SumOfUs community (all 240,000 of us!) to take a step back from the day-to-day and examine how the fight has unfolded, both behind the scenes and in the PR war being waged in public since we first started campaigning a month ago to get Apple to address the rampant violations of workers’ rights throughout its supply chain.

How this all started

Like many of you, at the beginning of this year we had only a vague idea that there might be something rotten in Apple’s supply chain. We had heard about the suicides at Apple factories, but not much else.

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  • Will Occupy embrace nonviolence? Todd Gitlin.
  • Using emergence to take social innovations to scale. Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze.
  • Regeneration – a book edited by my friend and colleague Guy Shrubsole and for which a host of other friends have written.
  • The map has been replaced by the compass. Word. Seth Godin.
  • Throwing out the free market playbook: an interview with Naomi Klein.
  • How phone booths could become mini-libraries. John Locke.
  • The long shadow of 1968: preparing for a year of action. Matt Meyer.

What Is Our Action Fueled By?

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“How much we can really support systemic change if we are unable to turn back and face our diseases, bearing witness to pain and suffering in our social body. When our action to change the world is fueled by anger, frustration or rage at the way things are, it risks being reactive, another aggressive response to disease—another bypass surgery. But when we can look at “the way it is” with compassion and grace—and really listen to and notice what’s needed—then perhaps we can find our way to the root source of the illness, to the ethics and values that we yearn to see expressed in our households, neighborhoods and nation.”

Deborah Frieze

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Networking For Community Resilience

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On Walking Past Someone Who Is Homeless

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“Poor people embarrass and upset us. They arouse conflicting feelings of pity, anger, inner discomfort and perhaps a kind of more or less recognised guilt. They reveal our refusal to stand by one another. It is no surprising that the rich defend themselves and try to hide poor people behind the walls of slum areas.”

Jean Vanier – sign up to his beautiful daily message of compassion.

Want To Start A Nonviolent Revolution?

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Then do your homework.

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  • Why the super-rich love the UK. John Lanchester.
  • A three-and-a-half hour documentary on President Bill Clinton from PBS. Worth it.
  • The good people at 38 Degrees are hiring three senior campaign roles.
  • In persuit of the common good. Great video of Maurice Glassman. h/t Dan Vockins.
  • How companies learn your secrets. Terrifying. Charles Duhigg.

A Newsletter That I Actually Read

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I first heard about the Acumen Fund through Seth Godin and have loved following their work since.

They don’t traditionally fall into my list of passions – harnessing the power of innovation and markets to change the way the world tackles poverty, though within this they advocate some powerful and radical ideas and practices. Jacqueline Novogratz is the founder and CEO of Acumen. Her TED presentation (below) is something very special – an example of true leadership.

Her letter to supporters is a thing of beauty – read it at the bottom of this link.

  1. It’s actually a letter – ‘from the desk of Jacqueline Novogratz’ even!
  2. Lots of stories
  3. Names and details about individual staff and partners
  4. Emotions – what’s hard, what is going well?

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