Kill The Megaphone

February 5, 2012 § 9 Comments

The megaphone has become the go-to image for campaigns. At UKYCC, I’m afraid that we used it too.

But doesn’t the megaphone represent everything that’s wrong with campaigns?

  • one-way communication
  • preachy – ‘I know better than you’
  • brash and annoying
  • hierarchical

It took me about ten minutes to find the example images from NGOs across the spectrum (see below). To stress, I respect all of these organisations immensely – I am cruelly picking on them to make a broader point about how we present ourselves as campaigners.

  • If we’re asking people to join us in campaigning – how many will be turned off by the idea that they have to go and shout at people when they don’t yet feel confident in their understanding of the issue?
  • If we’re saying we have to meet people where they’re at – how can we listen when we’re the only ones talking?
  • If we need permission from our audience to speak to them, is this a polite way of asking for it?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And to prove my love for the megaphone in practice..

§ 9 Responses to Kill The Megaphone

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