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This hits the spot –

“You don’t discriminate between the seed and the plant. You see that they ‘inter-are’ with each other, that they are the same thing. Looking deeply at the young cornstalk, you can see the seed of corn, still alive, but with a new appearance. The plant is the continuation of the seed.

The practice of meditation helps us to see things other people can’t see. We look deeply and we see that father and son, father and daughter, mother and son, mother and daughter, corn seed and cornstalk, have a very close relationship. That is why we should awaken to the fact, to the truth, that we inter-are. The suffering of one is the suffering of the other. […] When we see that we and all living beings are made of the same nature, how can there be division between us? How can there be lack of harmony? When we realize our ‘interbeing nature’, we’ll stop blaming and exploiting and killing, because we know that we inter-are. That is the great awakening we must have in order for the Earth to be saved.

We human beings have always singled ourselves out from the rest of the natural world. We classify other animals and living beings as ‘Nature’, a thing apart from us, and act as if we’re somehow separate from it. Then we ask, “How should we deal with Nature?” We should deal with Nature the same way we should deal with ourselves: nonviolently. Human beings and Nature are inseparable. Just as we should not harm ourselves, we should not harm Nature.

Causing harm to other human beings causes harm to ourselves. Accumulating wealth and owning excessive portions of the world’s natural resources deprives fellow humans of the chance to live. Participating in oppressive and unjust social systems creates and deepens the gap between rich and poor, and aggravates the situation of social injustice. While the rest of the human family suffers and starves, the enjoyment of false security and wealth is a delusion.

It’s clear that the fate of each individual is inextricably linked to the fate of the whole human race. We must let others live if we ourselves want to live. The only alternative to coexistence is co-nonexistence. A civilization in which we must kill and exploit others in order to live is not a healthy civilization. […] To bring about peace within the human family, we must work for harmonious co-existence. If we continue to shut ourselves off from the rest of the world, imprisoning ourselves in narrow concerns and immediate problems, we’re not likely to make peace or to survive. The human race is part of Nature. We need to have this insight before we can have harmony between people”

Thich Nhat Hanh in “Nature and Nonviolence”

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  • Memo to Rio+20: Green Economy does not mean monetising nature. Hannah Griffiths.
  • Dying for the things we love: Consumer culture is collective insanity and driving us to destruction. John F Schumaker.
  • Five reasons why you should specialise. Penelope Trunk.
  • Bringing Mozart to the masses: Venezuela’s music revolution. Maria Victor.
  • How safe are indigenous people around the world? Simon Rogers.

Great Video From Greenpeace – The Last Fishermen

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What Do We Want?

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Tessy Britton on fine form describing the creative collaborative paradigm

Over the past 18 months, Social Spaces has worked in around 80 communities, asking over 2,000 people what they would like to see more of in the places where they live. We have worked in all types of communities, including less privileged places, and the answers are the same everywhere. Not a single person has asked for more restaurants, clothing or jewellery shops. Instead, people in the UK said they want to live in communities where the divisions between age, culture, wealth (and lack of it) are bridged. They told us that they want to live in beautiful places and, very importantly, that they want new types of common space, places that can help to build more sociable communities. They want to create a sense of community, to pool their ideas, talents and to build on their innate resourcefulness and resilience through simple activities.

On Leadership and Solitude

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“We have a crisis of leadership because our overwhelming power and wealth, earned under earlier generations of leaders, made us complacent, and for too long we have been training leaders who only know how to keep the routine going.”

William Deresiewicz

Read his remarkable speech to West Point grads on leadership and the need for solitude and self-knowledge here.

Three Facts You Didn’t Know About The Greek Economy

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An Irish Wedding: The Case For Growth

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A great piece by pal Cian O’Donovan – introducing For A Better Europe.

A New Symbol For A New Movement

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Something that’s connected, constructive, strategic and networked – the People’s Cube.

The people’s cube is on first sight solid and immovable from every way that you look at it. It has the simplicity and latent strength of a perfect molecular structure. Though in this case the molecules bonding together are symbolic of people standing together with their arms locked to form a symbol of strength and unity.

h/t Waging Nonviolence

Let’s Repower Australia – Great Video

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  • Strong personal stories
  • (Real!) young people leading the way
  • Tangible, meaningful ask
  • The word ‘imagine’ : )

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