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Link Loving 04.06.12

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Meryl Streep’s Wisdom

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One final Commencement address – this from Meryl Streep. A whirlwind of humour and insight to an all-women university.

Lots of juicy stuff on gender in here.

JK Rowling Commencement Speech: A Guide To Life

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JK Rowling’s Commencement Speech at Harvard is truly extraordinary. Her stories of her time at Amnesty International, her wisdom and her compassion (which, on reflection, are signposted everywhere in Harry Potter), make her a wonderful Commencement speaker. Especially for a Harvard class.

A Story That May Surprise You

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Another incredible film from The Devotion Project.

Ex-Banker Commencement Speech

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So, the ex-banker is Jacqueline Novogratz – who created the incredible Acumen Fund, but it makes a good title.

Real wisdom from her here, in this address she gave last month.

Provocative Idea

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“I think Obama is a real community organizer who is using his presidency as a teachable moment about the futility of electoral politics”

– Nato Green, Comedian

Link Loving 01.06.12

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23 Ways To Tell The Climate Story

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ClimateBites is an online toolkit for climate change communicators.  It breathes life into climate communication with metaphors, soundbites, humor, stories and graphics that help make climate message stick.

Check out the 23 different ways of telling the climate story – a useful resource for sure!

This nice talk on the power of story by Bill Harley is a great reminder of the power of narrative.



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