Performance Lecture: The Price of Everything

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This is nice work in progress. Make sure to watch to the end.

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  • Dead matter has no goals of its own, yet life is constantly striving. That makes it a deep puzzle for physics. Vlatko Vedral.
  • The Otesha Project UK is hiring a Green Jobs Director.
  • The takeover of environmentalism by the neo-liberals is not a paradigm but a confidence trick. Paul Evans.

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  • Behavioural change or societal change? The aspiration is for the UK to be a low carbon society not 60 million low carbon individuals. Tim Chatterton.
  • Thoughts on campaigning and where the dodo got it wrong. Jim Coe.
  • How I learned to stop worrying and love discussing race. Jay Smooth.

How The Financial System Needs To Change – Part 1 – Tax Havens

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The New Economics Foundation is fast becoming one of my favourite organisations. This new series of videos investigates different areas of the financial system – each one introducing a major challenge that needs urgent reform. The first one focuses on tax havens – enjoy!

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Beyond The Small Life: A Letter To Young People

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This just rocked my world. Roberto Mangabeira Unger is a professor at the Law School and I’m joining a small group of students to have dinner with him tomorrow. Check this out!

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  • It is wonderful to see former UK Youth Climate Coalition leaders go on to do super inspiring work. Gemma Bone is doing a PhD exploring how we can make the financial system work in service of people and planet. She’s now blogging about what she’s learning – well worth following.
  • The new governor of the Bank of England will, despite his potentially exciting credentials, be more of the same. Ann Pettifor.
  • Four questions worth answering. Seth Godin.
  • Really inspiring stuff from Laura Billings and Lambeth Council.

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