Holding and Letting Go

March 30, 2014 § 1 Comment

We have a call to live, and oh
A common call to die.
I watched you and my father go
To bid a friend goodbye.
I watched you hold my father’s hand,
How could it not be so?
The gentleness of holding on
Helps in the letting go.

For when we feel our frailty
How can we not respond?
And reach to hold another’s hand
And feel a common bond?
For when we touch the heights above
And every depth below,
We touch the very quick of love;
Holding and letting go.

Malcolm Guite

§ One Response to Holding and Letting Go

  • Dear Casper, I am reading this poem the day after my father, Curtis R ter Kuile passed peacefully away at home, surrounded by family. It is the perfect, gentle comfort to me. Thank you.

    Jacqueline ter Kuile

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