Link Loving 18.03.11

March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • Tom Baker has some questions for 38 Degrees. Time for field organisers?
  • Trendwatching’s March briefing. Includes this gem.
  • Jonah Lehrer asks whether people are nicer in cities. He is perfect future-husband material.
  • Still can’t quite get over this one – Political Scrapbook report on Deutsche Bank employees waving bank notes from office windows as NHS protestors march through streets below.
  • James Lloyd on why we need energy coop’s rather than corporations.
  • Umair Haque on the capitalist’s paradox – including this zinger,

Do our outcomes say: “We’re creating a radically better future, in human terms — because yesterday’s best isn’t good enough”? Or do they say: “Here you go. Want fries with that McFuture?”

  • Matthew Herbert on how to move from a top-down to a self-organising model of working.
  • David Blanchflower on why this could be the longest recession for a hundred years.
  • And if I’m sharing zingers, I may as well include this old-school put down from Ann Pettifor,

In their Project Merlin agreement with the government, the banks ‘anticipate the further impact on demand of the higher cost of lending arising from increasing capital and liquidity requirements.”….In other words the banks are blaming muted demand caused by their exorbitant loan rates on the Basel agreements..and the government includes that pathetic excuse in its agreement……What tosh!

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