Ellen MacArthur – Our Next Annie Leonard?

August 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m a big fan of the Ellen McArthur Foundation. They’re one of the few organisations who bring a real understanding of systems-thinking to their work on sustainability. The ‘circular economy’ is a current theme (cradle to cradle design, to you and me) for which they have produced this video.

It’s a good attempt to capture what made Annie Leonard’s similar ‘Story of Stuff‘ so successful – though it misses the vital ingredient, a friendly face to talk us through the complex nature of systems. Ellen would have been the perfect ‘host’ for this – trusted, engaging, inspiring. Perhaps she’s just too British to want to step into this limelight?

The animation falls foul of a number of linguistic hurdles – notably some jargon (‘polymer’) and obscure sayings – and is unclear about who should be watching it. Is this for businesses? (In which case, where is the call to action?), or is it for students?

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